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As children we start understanding what the world perceives as an acceptable image. We see it on television, we notice when our parents, family, or friends of our parents comment on when someone looks beautiful or nice. Once we enter those awkward teen years there is so much going on with our bodies, we see the magazines and movies where everything is perfect especially those big beautiful white smiles. Even if the image shows someone who is overweight, there is still a gleaming smile. Or if someone does have crooked, not so nice looking teeth, 9 times out of 10 they are not the hero or the wealthy person in the story.

It is very important for teenagers to has a positive self-image. Without it, it affects his or her life on a daily basis. When teeth are crooked, or not white enough, this tends to make people smile less. They are more self-conscious, they are always wondering what someone is thinking when they see them smile. “Are they mocking me?” The less we smile the more we give off a vibe to other people that we are not friendly, or we do not want anything to do with them. Smiling is a welcoming gesture, so without that welcome, people stay away. This makes for teenagers to sometimes have less friends, get into more trouble with their teachers/parents, because they are never looking happy. Adults take this as an issue with attitude and say that it must change. But the truth is, deep down that teen just isn’t happy with themselves.

Have you seen what happens when a teenager has perfectly straight teeth and a pearly white smile? You guessed it, they smile ALL the time! They don’t have anything they feel they need to hide from everyone. It doesn’t mean that person is a better person, nor does it mean they are nicer. But, because they smile more frequently due to having a higher self-esteem, they are more likely to have more friends, be treated better by teachers/parents and overall be more successful. You’re RIGHT, it’s just not fair! The world shouldn’t work this way, but it does.

If you notice that your teen just isn’t smiling enough, or is lacking self-confidence, it may be a good time to sit down with him or her and ask if they have a negative perception of their own image. And, if it’s the smile that they are concerned about…the good news is, it can be FIXED! Come in and talk to our hygienist and dentist at South Trail Crossing Dental about your options for helping your teen achieve that smile they so desperately want. If you are concerned about the investment, ask about payment plans. In some cases, for as little as a latte a day you can make a huge impact on your teen’s self-image and help propel their future in the right direction.

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