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Your smile is more than just cosmetic, it is the gateway to your overall health. Keeping that gateway clean has a direct effect on keeping your entire body healthier – and younger looking. With some easy to follow dental tips, your smile can not only be more dazzling, but younger in appearance.

Two Proven Dental Tips for Healthy, Younger Looking Smile

There is an adage ‘long in the tooth,’ used to describe older persons. This adage reflects the fact that gum disease causes gums to recede and teeth to appear longer as a result. In order to keep your smile healthy, but also younger looking, there are two tried and true dental tips.

1. Brush and floss daily
2. See your dentist every 6 months

Brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist is so easy to do, it’s not expensive, and everyone should be doing it. However, there are some obstacles to overcome in order to make these life-long habits.

Seriousness of Good Dental Habits

In a world that places a lot of emphasis on the way that we look, there is very little attention paid to good dental habits and the use of solid dental tips. Unfortunately, people just don’t take oral hygiene very seriously. That doesn’t mean they don’t care.

People do take their looks seriously and their smile is a priority, but people don’t think about their gums. Since flossing is one of the most difficult habits to get use to, many simply do not spend the time or have the patience to floss adequately.

Inflammation, Periodontal Disease

The seriousness of good dental habits can not be understated. There are two main reasons why. Inflammation can happen when bacteria and debris, such as bits of food, enter the blood vessels around the teeth. Inflammation is your body’s response to such invaders. And if it happens over and over again, you could wind up with long-term (chronic) inflammation.

The mouth itself is the reason for a great many infections within the body. Chronic inflammation is linked to chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not clear if the inflammation causes those diseases or is a marker of some other cause. But either way, it’s not a good sign.

Besides inflammation, the use of these dental tips can also help prevent periodontal disease. This disease affects 80% of people. It’s caused by extensive bacterial buildup along the gums and teeth. Periodontal disease is the top cause of tooth loss.

When done consistently, and correctly, the two dental tips of brushing and flossing and dental checkups can help catch this disease before it can do major damage.

Teeth Whitening

There is a big emphasis on today to use different products for whitening teeth that have been stained over a period of time. While artificial whitening can temporarily improve your smile, you still need consistent brushing, flossing, and routine dental care to have a lasting impact on how well you age.

Good dental hygiene is a direct result of the way that people employ these two important dental tips. Brushing your teeth after every meal, flossing at least once per day and visiting your dentist every six months can vastly improve your smile, keep you looking younger and contribute to your overall health.



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