Staff Appreciation Day at Lloyds Roller-Rink!

Who say’s we can’t have fun! Here are just a few GREAT photos from a staff appreciation day we had at Lloyds Roller-rink. We had so much FUN!

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For Healthy Teeth – Make Healthy Food Choices

Healthy Diet - South Trail Crossing Dental - Dentist Calgary

Dentists in SE Calgary work hard to make patients aware of the link between dental health and overall health.  Everything we chose to eat has an impact on our body’s health – and that includes the health of your teeth.  The rate of dental decay in teenagers and children has decreased over the past twenty years – that’s due in …

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SE Calgary Dentist Providing Preventative Dental Care

There’s no better feeling than just-cleaned teeth. Tooth surfaces are silky smooth when you run your tongue over them and knowing that all remnants of food debris are well and truly removed just makes smiling that much more fun. SE Calgary Dentist – Dr. Mona Shoman – is never so happy as when patients schedule a routine Check-up …

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Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth – Is It Really That Important?

Yes – brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily basis is the best thing you can do for your dental health, and entire system health. Don’t believe us – read our previous blog and discover just how negative the impact is on your entire body when you abstain from regular trips to your SE Dentist.

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SE Calgary Dental

Teeth Cleaning Calgary - South Trail Crossing Dental - Calgary Dentist

South Trail Crossing Dental Clinic has been giving dental patients of SE Calgary something to smile about. This modern, technologically equipped, SE Calgary Dental Office has a special focus on providing a full range of General Dental Services to families and individuals of South Calgary. Devoting special attention to provide personalized, caring, and advancing dental care – Dr. Mona …

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Invisalign in SE Calgary

Having beautifully straight teeth, and a smile that takes people’s breath away, is something most dental patients are prepared to invest time and energy in to achieve. And achieving the smile that you’ve dreamed of has never been easier to create than with Invisalign’s modern approach to straightening teeth. Invisalign’s custom clear aligners are able to work with teeth, …

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