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Clear braces, invisible braces, invisible aligners; though it has many names, Invisalign is the most invisible solution for your orthodontic treatment. Invisalign does not use fixed braces or brackets to gradually shift your teeth. Instead, plastic custom-created invisalign retainers (called “aligners”), similar in appearance to custom whitening trays, are used to sequentially move your teeth into the correct position.

Invisalign is …

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Healthy teeth for life – Tips for families

Calgary Dentist - South Trail Crossing Dental

Tis the season…to keep your teeth and gums healthy! It’s so easy during this crazy time of year for you and others in your family to put your oral health on the back burner. That’s what the team at South Trail Crossing Dental is here for, to make your oral health our priority. To help you maintain good oral health …

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Teens and Their Teeth = Self-image & Confidence

Teens and their teeth - South Trail Crossing Dental - Orthodontics


As children we start understanding what the world perceives as an acceptable image. We see it on television, we notice when our parents, family, or friends of our parents comment on when someone looks beautiful or nice. Once we enter those awkward teen years there is so much going on with our bodies, we see the magazines and movies where …

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Did you know? Interesting facts about teeth.

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No two people have the same set of teeth—your teeth are as unique as your fingerprint, so be proud of your unique set of teeth.


An average person spends 38.5 days brushing their teeth over their lifetime.


Your mouth produces over 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime—that’s enough to fill two swimming pools. Saliva has many uses, including assisting …

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What is causing your jaw pain?

Jaw Pain - TMJ - South Trail Crossing Dental - Dentist in South Calgary


We use our jaws thousands of times each day. From chewing to talking, yawning to laughing, smiling to breathing, you depend upon your jaw for so much! So when you have jaw pain, it’s definitely something you can’t ignore. Jaw pain makes normal activities uncomfortable and can be a sign that there is potentially a serious problem. What exactly is …

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Dental tips for for a younger smile & appearance

younger smile - South Trail Crossing Dental - Teeth Whitening in Calgary


Your smile is more than just cosmetic, it is the gateway to your overall health. Keeping that gateway clean has a direct effect on keeping your entire body healthier – and younger looking. With some easy to follow dental tips, your smile can not only be more dazzling, but younger in appearance.
Two Proven Dental Tips for Healthy, Younger Looking Smile
There …

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What is dental Anxiety and Phobia?

What is dental Anxiety and Phobia - South Trail Crossing Dental - Calgary Dentist


Some people don’t look forward to dental appointments any more than they look forward to visits to a physician. Most dental procedures aren’t painful. However, just being examined can make people feel stressed.

Most people can live with having some anxiety about going to the dentist. For those with dental phobia, however, the thought of a dental visit is terrifying. They …

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Do you have white teeth? No… Find out why!

Calgary Teeth Whitening - South Trail Crossing Dental - Dentist in Calgary


One of the things that people most commonly complain about is the colour of their teeth. That is why there are so many products on the market that claim to whiten teeth. People recognize that their smile and teeth are one of the first things that make an impression on others. For that reason, tooth appearance is rightly a matter …

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Halloween & YOUR teeth

Halloween and your teeth - South Trail Crossing Dental - Family Dentist Calgary

Children’s Halloween dream – to get “LOTS” of candy – can be their parent’s nightmare.  Halloween can be a time to teach your children good oral health habits for life, without depriving them of Halloween treats (think moderation).

Here are five best tricks for healthy teeth:

1.  Halloween Candy vs. …

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Tooth Fairy Traditions and Ideas

Tooth Fairy - South Trail Crossing Dental - Family Dentist in Calgary


Do you love to make every milestone in your child’s life extra special and a memory you will never forget?


Stephanie Lynn’s blog, By Stephanie Lynn, features 10 Tooth Fairy Traditions and Ideas.  I loved reading this blog so much that I thought that I would share… Such great ideas in there!


If you want some cute, fun ideas for you’re child’s …

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