What is causing your jaw pain?

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We use our jaws thousands of times each day. From chewing to talking, yawning to laughing, smiling to breathing, you depend upon your jaw for so much! So when you have jaw pain, it’s definitely something you can’t ignore. Jaw pain makes normal activities uncomfortable and can be a sign that there is potentially a serious problem. What exactly is causing your jaw pain?


Possible Reasons Your Jaw Hurts

Jaw pain is very common and can be linked to several causes which include tooth decay, gum disease, disorder of your TMJ (temporomandibular joint), teeth clenching and grinding, misaligned teeth, sinus problems, and even trauma to your jaw itself.

You can start narrowing down your options by having an examination with one of the dentists at Weymouth Dental Groups. An oral exam coupled with some diagnostic x-rays will be most helpful in determining the source of your problem.


Other Symptoms of Problems Connected to Your Jaw Pain

You may recognize jaw pain because you remember injuring or stressing it. Other times, the pain seems to come out of nowhere and you can’t pinpoint exactly what causes it. Some problems that could be causing your jaw pain are accompanied by other signs such as pain around the ear or neck, headaches, difficulty chewing, and tenderness in the jaw. Stay alert to signs such as these and let us know when you find yourself experiencing them.

Treating Your Jaw Pain

Once we reach a diagnosis for the cause of your pain, we will recommend appropriate therapy or treatment. Treatment could simply be exercises to stretch and relax the jaw muscles, or it could involve directly treating an infected tooth. Anti-inflammatory drugs or muscle-relaxants could alleviate problems in your TMJ. Even gum disease, if left untreated, could contribute to jaw pain.

Don’t waste any more time by suffering from jaw pain – contact the South Trail Crossing Dental to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mona. Shoman.


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